Andrew McGranahan, our 2017 Poster Artists.

Andrew McGranahan, our 2017 Poster Artists.

Andrew McGranahan

Andrew McGranahan will not be at our music and art event this year, but his art for our poster will be posted all over the Bay Area stores, streets and our social media platforms.  Andrew is well known in the West Coast music festival poster circuit and he was a perfect solution for a quick, but beautiful poster commemorative inspired art of San Francisco Hippie Girl from great San Francisco artists of the late sixties, Victor Moscoso, Wes Wilson, Alton Kelley, and Stanley Mouse. We are honored by  Andrew design work for Gathering of The Tribe’s 2017 music and art festival.

Official WebSite:
NBC SanDiego:

Miss Naomi Bee

Miss Naomi Bee

Miss Naomi Bee

Naomi was the kid in 3rd grade who was constantly getting in trouble drawing flowers and dragons and fairies on her desk instead of paying attention to the class.  Eventually the teacher realized it was useless to try to get her to stop, and taped a large piece of paper to the top so she could take her artwork home.  (and stop “altering” school property!)

Since then, Naomi has been experimenting with any and every type of art she can get her hands on, from performing (She hold a BFA in Musical Theatre and spends much of her time working as a professional circus performer) to sewing (She also designs custom circus performance costumes) to working on art build crews at the Burning Man Festival in Nevada.

Naomi has been working professionally as a face painter and children’s entertainer in the Bay Area since 2010.

Naomi will offering face painting at Gathering of The Tribes on the 22nd of October after 6:00 PM.

Visit her website:

Face Painting

Face Painting

Will Durkee

Will Durkee Art + Music

Will Durkee Art + Music

Will Durkee Art + Music.
Passionate burrito lover & cosmic dude from the North Bay.

Recent work:

30-ft. tall mural on Hemlock alley, off Sutter in SF. Completed Summer 2017 with fellow artist & friend Marcus Lee.
Piano painter for In the Key of Davis, 2016-2017
Touring musician with the San Francisco Mime Troupe, for their 2016 production of “Schooled”, playing a handmade double-neck bass & guitar.
Currently working on an eclectic music recording project, with visual art accompanying each song release. Lots to come.

Among other things!

Will Durkee Art + Music

Will Durkee Art + Music

Catch Will live painting at Gathering of The Tribes at Public Works, 22nd of October:

Insta: @villi_sllim

Jack Vernon

Jack Vernon is visionary, abstract, and street artist. As a native New Yorker living in the Bay Area for over a decade he has been inspired by some of the greatest artists out there and has developed a wide range of styles, from visionary to abstract, transcendent 3D and light activated paintings, as well as street art and muraling. In the last five years since returning to art as a life and a passion he has built an exiting collection of paintings that have been shown across the Bay Area in galleries and museums, and has recently started to paint at live venues in order to share his work with as many beautiful people as he can.

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Rob Jackson

Gathering of The Tribes

Gathering of The Tribes

Introducing Multimedia Artist Robert Adam Jackson, Director of Equilibrium Institute-

Rob’s work points to massive declines in habitat, wildlife, declines in education and other quality of life issues like equality, while disease, war, and other social threats are on the rise. Rob recently commented, “apathy is a demand for empowerment, it is great to see increases in fans acknowledging our products”. Goals for 2017 include licensing some songs and selling art products to create even more opportunities and get solutions out. Rob’s new book under way, Black Cloud: The Aftermath of Human Intelligence is a combination of creative synthesis and new research results. A literary work for young audiences to look forward to include Daily Dose: 365 Lessons for Life.

His public service agency, EIA, is endorsed by a number of notable academics, persons of interest, and prominent non-profits and artists globally. Project Censor, Harvard’s Einstein Institute and politicians such as Gavin Newsom and international public speakers have all used information or received recommendations from Robert Jackson who leads the Equilibrium Institute.

Rob and the volunteers that are working with him have served hundreds of artists and spectators to bring over 80 local art related events in the SF bay since the late 90’s. Counting TV and radio appearances combined, an estimated 1M listeners and readers have been reached annually. Rob said, “As an Artist and Director, I’ve created a range of products including fine art, educational books on social justice and environmental issues, papers on psychology, and workforce development. I’ve published music CD’s, and intend to raise money from sales and events to hire more artists and get our solutions and products further out. Thanks in advance for buying art, music, literature, or commissioning my services. Together we are making a difference by focusing on the topics and needs our community helps to identify.”

Rob’s building a stable sustainable foundation called Equilibrium Institute (EI) ( to educate people and provide a road map to more open and respectful ways of living. We drive and inspire our culture to combat ignorance and violence and use the proceeds from art and music to fund research. Some items are published to bolster the community and re-build the U.S. and other nations with the greater use of intelligence. Rebuilding Nationhood for more sustainable prosperity is a movement that empirically identifies false cultural premises (negative bias/ myths), and nonviolently combats internal threats that are found to reinforce corruption of self or society. EI opposes all forms of slavery or abuse and works to remove obstacles to empowerment through education and creating opportunity. Fair opportunity, quality care for optimal development and basic human equality are central measures for how we are redefining global success. Harmony is a basic requirement for peace. Understanding the interdependencies of the earth and learning to share and work together for practical solutions is what EI culture fosters.

EIA/ Ripstar’s Charity Focus Sponsored Website

Visual Art Tour: had 17,336 visits since 2015 (avg. 8,668 yr.) with 5 online galleries with posters and original art available. Art tour is a vehicle to increase visibility for artist that lack mass-media platforms or otherwise need representation. EI sponsors at-risk artist. Art-tour has held live installations in a variety of public settings since 2015 and sold many art pieces.

Visual art production increased over last six months of 2017 and visual art is being placed in longer running installations (La Estrellita, Gallery 400). LA Cage Murray Show.

Shirts, Stickers/ Posters: Backline designs feature Rob’s art or art he owns rights to including some participating artists. We are seeking to complete the first line, shoot with models, promote to secure product placement- then order bulk printing. This project needs a manager. Willing to share profits, but Rob’s role is limited to creative director on this project.

Action: locate marketing project manager. Backline designs complete by Nov. 2017.

Free Education: revolutionary nonfiction! Site had 45,453 views since 2014 (up 2,000 view in last 3 months).

Best Foot Forward (Vocational Education) and Collected Essays (General Education) are past educational products.

Ongoing literary works not yet released; Deviant Nationhood (Fact Collection Investigative Journalism Project using primary research results only), Ecomania (Congressional Report), Blackcloud the aftermath of HUM-IT (Screenplay), and Dose- 365 lessons of life (survival manual for teens and up).

Music Publishing 2017:

Status: The Album titled Shot by Bad Slave is being shipped monthly to targeted music directors and stations we think the music fits.

27 Tracks 2017 BadSlave album tiled Shot

free listening:

Current Top performing Tracks updates 2017

Eyes (Contemporary-Rock)

Sometimes (Classic-Rock)

Yea (Urban Pop) not released fully yet.

I’m waiting (EDM-Rock)

Jupiter (Electronic Rock)

We have a weekly spot with Mutiny Radio in SF we can refer spoke persons to with our Common Thread Collective partnership facilitated by world renown poet/activist Diamond Dave, (SF).

Last of Analog album titled BREAK 22 tracks Aug. 2016

Free Listening :

Rob owns rights to about 30 other tracks from other bands as well. Rob is also a collector and artists agent.

Rob works with many local legends and welcomes more collaborations in music and art for 2018!

Long term client M.C. Lenehan aka Rainbow is an impressionist painter, poet, and songwriter. He says, “In my artwork and in my life, I try to replace sorrow with joy, hate with love and war with peace. It is my hope that my paintings will soften the heart of humanity” M.C. Lenehan is an Ohio Native from the 1960’s era. For more about Rob and opportunities for artists see